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Check the status of your ticket(s)
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Accessing Ticket System

You can access our ticket system and check the progress and status of your ticket by using the 'Check Ticket Status' feature. You need to provide the following details:

 - Your email address used to contact us.
 - The ticket number, including the 'T,' but excluding the '#' sign.

You also have the option to create an account with the same email address through the following link: This will grant you access to additional features, such as:

  • Viewing all ongoing tickets
  • Checking closed tickets

* Attention!
In bepaalde gevallen is het nodig om eerst in te loggen en daarna uit te loggen. Daarnaast kan het voorkomen dat de verificatie-e-mail in de SPAM-box belandt. Na deze stappen kun je ook eenvoudig een e-mail sturen vanaf hetzelfde e-mailadres; het ticket zal dan automatisch aan dit account worden gekoppeld. De tickets die tot nu toe zijn ingediend met het huidige e-mailadres worden weergegeven.

Viewing all tickets from your organization

There are costs associated with this, 1 hour at €105, excluding VAT.

If you wish to view tickets from everyone not associated with this email address, please let us know via a new ticket. In that case, we can create an organization in our ticket system. All tickets submitted under the domain '@domain' will be linked to this organization. This will give you the ability to see all tickets, including ongoing and closed tickets.

Furthermore, a configuration can be set up where one specific person/email address is authorized to view all tickets from everyone. However, this can only be achieved if Avetica creates an organization and adds everyone to this organization.

You have the option to create an account using the email address with which you have already contacted Avetica. Alternatively, you can use an entirely new email address. This way, multiple colleagues can log in via the ticket system instead of sending emails.

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